The Black Sheep Museum

"Where it's going nobody knows" (John Lennon) - 2000

-To be continued

The Landing continued

... in december 2001 they found themselves in Orgiva campsite looking for a property in the Alpujarras, Granada province, Spain.
They had 10,000 pounds between them.
After a couple of days the campsite caretaker suggested their going to Beneficio, a hippy commune where they could camp for free. So off they went. It wasnīt their kind of trip. Fortunately on the third day it snowed and camping was called off. After a night at the Mirasol hotel they were returning to collect their belongings from Beneficio when they stopped by the last cortijo before arriving and spoke to a kindly looking woman there tending her flock who advised them it was for sale and where the owner could be located. He wasnīt in until the morrow so they camped on the land.


The cortijo was on an old farm ( finca ) consisting of a shepherdīs quarters and coral for the flock; the sign they read that this was to be the terrestrial black sheep museum. They foresaw the sealevel reaching the bottom of the finca but so what. Theyīd be on the first line.

They negotiated and bought the finca ( farm ) for an affordable sum plus three paintings. They called it The Two Brothers ( los dos Hermanos ) after The Riddle.

Thus began six years of tearing down stone walls , rebuilding them, battling the authorities, hippies and travellers .
Two home births and a year later, both lambs delivered by de shepherd at home, their home nearing completion and on the verge of being legalised they decided upon selling.

Home ? House selling was what it became with three lambs to tend to but in the process of contacting estate agents they recalled and recapitulated their original intention for the Black sheep museum.

"I got to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again" (Peter Tosh)

It wasnīt the promised land; they should have known this as most of the flocks consisted of goats.
But it was the perfect location for the Black sheep museum. Situated on the boundary of Orgiva, Granada , (dubbed the new age capital of the world and one of the earthīs chakras) it stands below the dyke where the two water channels meet and run through the land to water the valley below, whilst above and beyond the dyke spreads Beneficio, dubbed the last hippy commune in Europe.
Itīs a land full of projections.

Well the terrestrial museum is up for sale / lease.


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