The Ballad of Guy and Bebe and The Black Sheep Series

A year later in 1997 Vitus found himself licking his wounds in Hastings. Meeting his Beatrice there was full of coincidences but not an accident.
They settled into the natural role of apprentice to master that was given to them. A photograph of them taken by Emma J. has them standing in front of an earlier sheepless version of the riddle which Guy soon discarded.
Five months later on 2 December, 1997, following a short trip around Amsterdam's museums on magic mushrooms, Bebe was refused re-entry at Dover ; they were straight.
It was ' The Ballad of John and Yoko ' ( John Lennon ) replayed.

Painting 'Bebe de Fear' from The Ballad of Guy and Bebe Tryptich
Painting 'St.Vitus' from The Ballad of Guy and Bebe Tryptich

Painting'The Ballad of Guy and Bebe'

Bebe de fear


The Ballad of Guy and Bebe
( Triptych )

Although pleased with the ballad's quattrocento setting, Guy was unhappy with their enforced seperation.

Beatrice was armed with an affidavit when she was finally allowed to re-enter England on her fourth attempt on 8 April, 1998. She was permitted to stay until the end of the month when she would accompany Guy to the Haagweg Kunstcentrum in Leiden, Holland, where he was to be the guest artist for three months. It was during this month of joyful reunion and preparation for their adventure that the symbolism for The Riddle and its pictorial expression was conceived.


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